✨special edition tangibles affirmation stickers ✨co-created with Now I Am Known, an organization committed to helping foster children and teens feel heard and loved. to let them know they matter with fun, meaningful + affirming gifts.


messages: You are heard . You are seen . You are loved . You are a gift . You are brave . You belong . Now I am known . You are chosen . You are not alone . You are special . You are enough . You matter


material: twelve 2.5" x 1" vinyl stickers. these stickers can be used as: mirror stickers, laptop stickers, planner stickers, phone stickers, water bottle stickers. waterproof + dishwasher safe.


one tangibles kit includes: two sets of six stickers  +  an explanation card about Now I Am Known / tangibles  +  a small folder to hold both items


some proceeds of each sale will go directly to Now I Am Known. 


if you would like to purchase a sticker kit through Now I Am Known, you can do so here! Now I Am Known partners with the wonderful organizations below, and we are working together for these stickers to be donated to children in need, soon.

-Starlight Children's Foundation Hospitals

-Angels Foster Family Network Oklahoma

-Seven Homes For Kids

-Least of These Carolinas

-Congregations for Kids

-Foster Village Charlotte

-Bethany Christian Services

-Child Hope Services

-Fostering Sweet Dreams Foundation

'you matter' vinyl stickers: co-created with Now I Am Known