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you belong

What wonderful phrase! (okay, okay this isn't the Lion King).

But really, it's one of the most simple, yet powerful things to tell someone, to show someone.

You belong on this team. You belong in this family. You belong in our home. You belong in my arms. You belong just as you are.

You belong ... here.

This week, this Pride month, this year, for the rest of time - who can we each open our hearts, our homes, our workspaces, our places of worship to with open arms?

This month, tangibles is honored to collaborate on an i belong kit with Kaleidoscope Youth Center, the largest serving organization supporting LGBTQIA+ youth in Ohio.

"Belonging begins here," Kaleidoscope says. And they truly live up to that. I'll leave with this great statement from their website below. What if every space was held to this mission?

"At Kaleidoscope, belonging means being. To stand in your strengths. To stand in your power. And to stand for a world where everyone can be their most confident, authentic self."

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