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you are radiant

Do you ever feel the weight of all the world's problems on you? Especially this year. There's fear, hurt, oppression, depression, inequity, racism, hate...and don't get me started on the evils of social media.

It's all so much and sometimes it's easy to just feel helpless. Stuck. Bummed. Frustrated. But that's not a helpful response. So, what can we do?

  1. Acknowledge the feeling. The weight. It might take me a minute to realize what I'm feeling, but once it's acknowledged, I can address it.

  2. Reset, take a quick mental break. Whatever that looks like for you. Step away from the screen for a minute. Log off of social media. Go for a walk. Excuse yourself from the situation.

  3. Say this with me: I am radiant. I can and will emit light even within this dark world. No, I cannot solve everything that is wrong with the world by myself. But, I have an itch within me, a passion for helping a specific cause (or causes). And I will continue to work - by myself and with others - towards bettering that cause. And together, our sparks become a fire for real change.

You are radiant. You are a light. You have a light. So shine it. SHINE IT. ✨

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