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🌟 you are enough

~ tangible encouragement for YOU around the holiday season's awkward moments ~

We've all been there. You're about to reach for seconds of those amazing Thanksgiving mashed potatoes when your great aunt decides to ask you - mid scoop, of course - if you're still single. 🙇‍♂️

You stare ahead, wanting to disappear into your plate of potatoes. 🍛Ah, don't you love 'disappointing' your family by still being 'alone?' Oh boy.

And let's not forget the 2020 version: You get the same question, mouth full of potatoes still, except now every family member has heard the question and is staring at you. You debate turning off your camera or leaving Zoom for a brief moment, blaming your internet connection. Though even you know that won't get you out of answering...

Seems you have three options. Give a lightly sarcastic response, make up a white lie on the spot about your new boo, or say something about how awesome being single is!!! ie take after Chris Traeger 👇

The problem here is, whichever response you give...there will still likely be a follow-up question, or response from another family member, expressing their concern or somehow telling you that you'll find someone soon.

Well here's our encouragement for you: it's simple. you are enough.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! No one "completes" you, your purpose in the world isn't fulfilled by a relationship, and you are FREAKING cool as is! 🧡

And that goes for anyone in a committed relationship, too. YOU are enough, as you are. Your partner is just a super cool addition to your already cool-ness.

Cool. (How many more times are we going to say cool?) Anyways, here's our advice: keep that phrase - you are enough - somewhere you can see it if or when that question might come up. Maybe as a digital reminder on your phone, a tangible sticker on your laptop or on your wallet, or a timed text from a best friend (that's what friends are for, right?!)

And also? Forgive your great aunt. She probably means well, and just wants the best for you. Or maybe she doesn't know what else to ask during this crazy year. Tell her you love her.

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