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why i believe in the power of positive affirmations

We are so excited to kick off a series of featured blogs this summer written by some of the amazing folks we've worked with to create custom tangibles affirmations together, for their community!

Today's blog comes from Heather Vargas, founder of Happiness Ever After.

I believe in the power of affirmations because I have been using them all my life. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." I didn't know I was affirming my whole life until I became familiar with the term in my recent years. However, my mother instilled in me this positive self talk and self confidence I can only associate now with the power of affirmations. In fact, I base my monthly happiness coaching programs on a theme for the month and accompanying weekly affirmations. Some people believe affirmations are a way of faking it until you make it. I don't necessarily believe in this notion. I don't think the words are fake. I think it's more a matter of finding a way to believe them about ourselves and our current situation. I believe that the power to heal is within all of us. I believe that we want to choose happiness today and ever after. The only thing keeping us from achieving this is our own fear and our own lack of vision. Sometimes at the bottom of the lowest low it can be hard to see a way up again. Positive affirmations give us a hint of what can be, what we want to believe. This is why they work. This is where their magic lies.

Positive affirmations give us a hint of what can be, what we want to believe. This is why they work. This is where their magic lies.

Words are powerful but thoughts are stronger. If we can use our words to transform our thoughts we can change the way we feel and how we choose to move forward everyday. I became a happiness coach because I have overcome my lowest lows and I would not be able to forgive myself if I didn't share my lessons learned with those that most need to hear it. If I can help just one person have a happier day then I am living my best life. I affirm that my happiness is plentiful enough to share it with all that need it.


About Heather

Heather's mission is to bring happiness to as many people as she can in the most affordable way possible. She aims to bring people a little bit of happy everyday. She founded Happiness Ever After to help people find the happiness they deserve today and ever after.

Incorporating her proven 1-on-1 coaching methodologies and templates into an easy to use monthly box program format, she has created an affordable self coaching solution for all. The Happy Box programs are themed monthly and supported with weekly videos, blogs, and other digital content provided by Heather, your virtual group and 1-on-1 happiness coach.

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