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🌟 what are you grateful for?

~ tangible encouragement for YOU around the holiday season's awkward moments ~

Wow. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...huh? We'll say that again...HUH? What a year. And what a holiday season, too. If you are grieving the loss of loved ones this year, our hearts go out to you. If you are deeply missing 'normal' family traditions, our hearts are with you. If you had to make the difficult choice to celebrate all by yourself while logging into a virtual chat, we send you all the virtual hugs. You are strong, and you are not alone, no matter how much it might feel like it at times.

But now, for a li'l encouragement. Just like we promised. 🤗 So, I love Thanksgiving. Big, big fan of all of it (normally) - family, food, football (a recent love thanks to my husband), more food, more family, no gifts...hahaha. However - my least favorite part?

It's when everyone's just sat down with a hot plate of food, ready to dig in, and someone decides to ask the question, 'What is everyone grateful for this year?' and then, like a fifth-grade class meeting, each guest around the table shares one thing. And this isn't inherently bad. I mean, of course not. It's giving thanks!

However, it tends to be forced, and therefore, shallow. And most everyone is going to repeat 'family,' probably 🤣 How can we make it more meaningful?

Here's our advice: modify the question. How about 'Who in this room or "room" are you especially grateful for today?' or 'What is one lesson you've learned this year?' or 'How can we stay focused on gratitude in the coming months?'

These thought-provoking questions might just help you feel closer as family and as friends, or remind you of the tough things you've overcome, together, this year. However it pans out, I hope you do remember to write down, say out loud, and shout from the rooftops the people and experiences you are most thankful for. Let tangibles remind you.

Sending love,

Diana 🧡


An additional, important note: Let us not continue living or teach our children the lie of the Thanksgiving tale. Perhaps we can bring in new traditions this time that honor Native Americans and Native American history. This article and this article are good reads to start the conversation.

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