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today's the day

I love Tuesdays.

It's true.

Might be in the minority here, but hear me out - they're between the Monday morning drag, but before the Wednesday hump (or dip if you're like me). Tuesdays are easily my most productive, energetic, and sunshine-y days all around.

Anyways, that's me.

What's your favorite day of the week? What day do you feel most at ease? Most productive? How can that be an added reminder of joy for you each week? A reminder of the great things you have now and the things you are fearlessly pursuing. Fuel that fire into your goals, save your big meetings for this day because you are just *on it* and reach out to your people later because you have ALL the energy!

But also, what's your least favorite day of the week? What day can feel the most *bleh* to get through? How can you consciously bring peace into those days? And remind yourself that the quieter times lead to some good planning and organizing. Or get creative and just plain treat yo self. Donna would approve.

Today's the day.

ps tangibles are here to help 🧡

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