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the story behind our latest affirmation stickers

a few weeks ago, we were sitting with a group of brilliant, kind, powerful, beautiful women.

and the conversation had just shifted to bodies and body image growing up. everyone had a memory to share of a phrase, or a moment, that had been ingrained.

even if it was years ago, we remember when our aunt, or mother, or grandmother, or neighbor, or teacher or even a stranger made a negative comment about our bodies. our thighs. our stomachs. and it wasn't just that we may have learned to hate our bodies, but maybe it just drove home an insecurity we already had.

and if we didn't share at the table, we were thinking of the time it happened to us, too.

how do we turn this tide? as women? as humans? as beautiful people?

let us use life-giving words for ourselves. and not just our bodies — but our souls, our words, our thoughts, our lives. let us affirm what has been and what will be.

say it with me:

my body is beautiful
my soul is beautiful
my thoughts are beautiful
my words are beautiful
my life is beautiful


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