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the best is yet to come

And just like that, we're 5 days into the new year. How are you feeling? Where do you fall on the spectrum of believing new years is a time of change?

new year, new me <--------------------------> time is a human construct, nothing changes

Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle, usually because January starts off fairly slow and quiet. Especially in Ohio where winter weather is in full swing and we humans hibernate as much as possible. And of course, a pandemic is still raging around us.

However, new life changes or fresh starts might still be around the corner for you or me...even if we don't know it yet! Or perhaps, we're building towards something already. There's a habit you want to break, a new skill you want to learn, a career change you're building towards, a family you're hoping to grow.

On January 1st, we were excited to introduce our newest sticker kit with five affirmations for these kinds of times. Through these messages (stuck in your favorite everyday spaces), we wish to help you find success and find peace in a new transition.

be mindful. A phrase that's thrown around a lot, for sure. But a good reminder to be gently aware of your feelings/thoughts/actions around a particular time of change.

practice gratitude. What led you here, to this very moment? Take a moment and be grateful.

embrace possibility. The good kind of possibility! Be optimistic, have faith in who you are and who you want to be.

take a deep breath. Something I alllllways need a reminder for. :)

the best is yet to come. Believe this. Don't dismiss what led you here, but use the message as inspiration...even just to become a better you.

Happy 2021 🧡

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