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self care comes first

This week's blog comes from Leslie MacNabb, owner of Rise with Recovery.

The day I realized I couldn’t save my partner from substance use disorder, was the day I started my true self-care journey. I tried everything I could, not knowing that what he really needed most was to save himself.

When he checked himself into a treatment facility without my help, I had to make a conscious decision to focus on me from that day forward. There was nothing for certain, and I didn’t even know if it would work for him, so I had to try to take care of myself and be okay no matter what. I hoped that he was going to take care of himself, so I needed to do the same.

Deep, below the surface, self-care is done through mental, emotional, physical and spiritual care.

Rising each day with purpose was a real challenge at first, but over time with community support, daily routines, rituals and return to self, it became not only easier, but brighter too!

Thankfully, my partner and I are both 2 ¾ years into our recovery and thriving individually and together!  

I realized that even though I cannot control the people and world around me, I am better able to face any circumstance after self-care.

Leslie MacNabb

Owner of Rise with Recovery


Rise with Recovery is a self-care support community for loved ones of those in recovery from addiction and substance use disorder. tangibles has partnered with Rise with Recovery on a custom kit of encouraging messages, and YOU can be eligible to win one of these kits for free!

Here's how to be eligible:

1 follow @risewithrecovery on instagram

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3 like each post M-F

4 comment on at least one of the posts this week (up until Friday)

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