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pay it forward

Feel like being short + sweet today 🧡 After all, this blog is a dash of encouragement, right?

So, here's a challenge - for you and for me.

  1. First, take time today for some self-care. Perhaps it's something simple. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you ROCK. Give yourself grace when you make a mistake. Make time for a really good cup of coffee. Complete your favorite movement or exercise. Take time to pause, meditate, pray, and just center yourself before a big meeting or important project.

  2. Second, pay it forward to someone else. Give someone else grace today, even if they mess up. Be someone else's mirror and tell them how awesome they are! Buy a good cup of coffee for your best friend or a stranger. Be patient with someone on your team if they are taking their time with a big task. And if someone in your home is stressed out, invite them to do something active with you to get their mind off whatever it is (and be a good listener!)

Alright, let's go! We got this.

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