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let it pour

Ever roll out of the grocery self checkout smiling to yourself, proud that you found everything on the list, proud that your day is off to an accomplished + promising start?

And then once you get to the double doors you realize it's pouring rain? ...Yep, this happened to me yesterday.

If that isn't 2020...I think.

And I don't know how you are in that situation, but my thought process goes like this:

1. Glance at folks 'waiting out the worst of it' and think Well, how long is the worst of it going to last? I want to get home now! There's that impatience I know so well.

2. Choose to 'make a run for it' and think, I won't get that wet, especially if I move fast! And it's never true.

By the time I roll / run to my car that is definitely parked further than I thought, stuff the groceries in, roll my cart to its place, and run back, I am inevitably soaked. Obviously.

Isn't that also just like 2020? Thinking we can run from a pandemic, thinking we can run from directly fighting racism that has been in our systems for centuries...but it all catches up to us. And we are inevitably soaked.

I mean, even an umbrella - a sheltered life - is only going to protect you for so long until the wind blows stronger. And you're standing unprotected, and it all comes flooding in. Truth. Sadness, anger, confusion, and frustration with humanity, or with this world, or with your past.

And yet, we need the rain. We need the slap in the face to be woken up from our 'perfect little lives.' So that we can make changes and learn. Love more and love better.

I know I need the rain every single day. I need to let truth pour in.

Because where there is truth, there is love.

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