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let it out

Yesterday afternoon another breakdown hit.

I'm sure you know the one.

Grieving pre-pandemic times. Spontaneity. Meeting new people in the community every other day. Striking up friendships in a few hours.

Craving hugs from friends. Smiles. Open-houses. Coffee shops. Bustling breweries. Big family dinners. Singing in groups. Gathering. Travel with friends. Baseball games.

Loving our neighbors more than we're afraid of them.

And for someone who likes to look on the bright side, sometimes it's just not the time to do so. So what can we do? It's time to let it out. Feel your feelings. Recognize the grief and call it out.

Have a good cry. Heck, scream it out. Talk it out with your best friend. Get angry for a minute(s). Grieve with your mom. Journal. Take that aggression out on a really good workout.Hug your pets. Reminisce on past memories. Listen to a song that makes you smile. (Here's a recent favorite of mine).

Remember you are not alone. Many of us might be feeling similar. But your exact feelings right now? They're valid. And they make you human. 🧡

~ Diana

Sending the biggest hug to you today, and every day!!

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