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just for today, i will...

Hello there! Hope you're having a good week so far. We're over here soaking in the sun and reminiscing a bit on how amazing last week was.

In case you missed it, we had the honor of partnering with our friend Megan, owner of Happy Place Reiki for 'national simplify your life' week last week, to share the tangibles kit we created together. Five messages for the five reiki principles, shared over five days.

Thought it might be fun to recap together, and share some of Megan's wise words for each message as well.

just for today, i happy.

"The first reiki principle is about reframing our situation more positively. all suffering brings some type of lesson and opens up something inside of us. find that light and embrace it 🌻"

just for today, i peaceful.

“ 'Peace begins with me' - this all involves meditation!!! In the Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying, they describe the mind as a blank blue sky. Sometimes it’s crystal clear and at other times it can be cloudy and confusing. When it is cloudy, remember that the blue sky is always there in the background. YOU just have to access it and 'bring the mind home.' Mindfulness is key." 🌻

just for today, i grateful.

"Two of the main lessons I really like with gratitude are as follows:

1. The “I get to’s” — these are ones that maybe we take for granted and sometimes frustrate us. I’m grateful that I get to work today. I’m grateful that I have the ability to exercise. I’m grateful for this year which has allowed me to slow down life. Whatever it may be - just appreciating your situation for what it is!

2. The delights - these are the little things that make your world go round. I’m grateful for the flowers that my dad brought for me. I’m grateful for this BEAUTIFUL cool morning. I’m grateful that my grass is finally green again!" 🌻

just for today, i will...improve myself.

"Taking things day by day is a great way to simplify and improve your life. Yes, self-improvement is about making short-term and long-term goals for your life. It's about big picture thinking but also building habits and taking those in baby steps. It’s also about giving yourself grace and flexibility when plans change. It’s about allowing yourself time to rest and reboot (which this year seems to be all about so take advantage of not going 1000 miles a minute)." 🌻

just for today, i kind.

"Sometimes kindness comes second nature in little ways. Some other times being kind is a harder push. Another major point I want to touch on is that THIS YEAR IS HARD. Everyone is going through their own battle. Shame is everywhere lately. EVERYONE IS DOING THE BEST THAT THEY CAN. Try to remember that next time you’re posting on social media about “they/them” and notice that’s your ego talking. Lastly be kind to your mind. What you think about you bring about." 🌻

So, just for today, what will you be? Pause, take a moment, write it down.

Thank you to each of you who purchased one of these kits last week! Maybe we'll bring them back in the future...but in the meantime, definitely go follow Happy Place Reiki and/or sign up for a reiki session with Megan!

As always, thanks for reading and we'll see ya next Wednesday for another dash of encouragement 🧡

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