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i've got the power

I'm not gonna lie. Today I don't particularly feel like writing. My body is acting up today, and my mind is unfocused. You know, that kind of day?

But guess what? We CAN pick ourselves back up. We have the power to shift our mindset. And today, I think I'll write to you (and myself) about just this. When you have this kind of blah day, as we all do, here are 5 tangible things you can do to uplift your spirits.

Now, let me clarify something important here. These are not meant to feed the productivity vs. rest battle. You know your body best - if you need to rest, rest. If you need to finish a project or two for a deadline or would feel better checking things off your list, keep working. This isn't about you forcing anything, but rather some specific things that might help you remember you have the power to change your mindset either way.

  1. Take a walk. Dance. Lift weights. Call your trainer. Do something that gets you moving, even for just a little bit. Those endorphins will come flowing in, promise!! (bonus: it helps you drink more water).

  2. Start with just one small task of the day. Answer one email. Organize something. Water the grass you're trying to grow out back. Keep your mind from feeling overwhelmed.

  3. Look at a happy memory. The simpler the better. Scroll through your camera roll, or gaze across your space at something physical that was a gift, or has a great memory of how it got there. Before long, your soul will be smiling out of gratitude.

  4. This is the simplest and most important of all. Say this out loud. I am human and I am not perfect. Even if we do all the right things, sometimes we just have a blah day. It might be that random. And it might be a great time to meditate, say a prayer, center yourself, and free yourself from perfection.

  5. Send a friend some tangibles!! Yes, the cheese. But I literally did do this today, and it's such a great reminder that the power of giving takes your mind off yourself. Now you're focused on how you're going to help that person smile a bit brighter. And that's what it's all about.

See? You've got the power within you. Always have, always will.

Sending love, my friends.


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