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i believe in you

Today, the sun shines. The birds sing. My dog shakes, yawns and snorts in my face (no really, he snorts a lot in the mornings and it makes me giggle).

And me? I'm on fire. I feel closer to my mission for tangibles since its 2018 launch than ever before.

Why? Well, I'm taking the leap. I am saying 'so long' to the corporate world, the office environment, and being part of a that I can fully focus on growing tangibles. It might be simultaneously the craziest, yet unsurprising moment in my life. You see, I like to take leaps of faith, try new things, and go all in. But this is the biggest leap I'd say in my nearly--27 years.

Big leaps come with uncertainty. Leaving a team comes with that all--the--feels feeling of bittersweet. Especially when some of your colleagues-formed-friends send you messages of encouragement (wait. idea. tangibles are a great gift to a parting colleague you hold dear!) (oops. I hope that didn't come off as sales-y. I get ideas almost always at random.)

Anyways, back to the point. Of the incredibly amazing words shared with me, which I may or may not still be emotional about, this line stuck out from one colleague of mine:

" believe in yourself which is the most important thing."

And it made me stop and think.

First, do I? Do I believe in myself? I mean, yes. And sometimes no. If you ask my husband the number of times I said I can't do something in the midst of exhaustion...well, maybe just don't ask that question hahaha.

Yet, I know I've grown so much when it comes to believing in who I am and what I stand for. How did I learn and grow?

  1. Someone believed in me.

Wait. That's literally it. Okay, that's not all. We each have our own difficult situations, unprecedented times, discomfort, loss, change, habits, moments of faith, etc. that helped us believe more in who we are. I have my share. You have yours.

But when, and how, do we feel the most empowered to press on? Encouraged to do the uncomfortable thing? When someone - a family member, partner, close friend, teacher, coach, colleague, acquaintance - tells us, I believe in you. I believe in your idea. I believe your story. I believe that you're doing the right thing.

So here's the thing - I believe in YOU.

May we return the favor. You and me. Who can we encourage, today? Who can we reach out to and say, I believe in you. Who knows what you, me, we can do next, with newfound strength, power and encouragement.

Or heck, perhaps we send a tangibles kit too ;)

- Diana

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