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i am blessed

This morning, I shared my heart on instagram and facebook, but I wanted to share with all of you, too (because I know some of us don't use social media much, if at all!) I lost an amazing, beautiful, wonderful grandmother just a few short days ago. And yet, tangibles is one of the many things that will carry her legacy forward 🧡


this past sunday @ 1:05am,

we received an order for ‘grandma’s five philosophies’ stickers.

on sunday @ 11:59pm, grandma -

the brilliant,





incredible woman

who told me last december,

‘Diana! I’ve been thinking so much since my stroke about my five philosophies, and they might make good tangibles!!’

- she passed away from this earth.

it’s been an emotional few days as it all sinks in.

i’m so glad part of grandma lives on in these stickers, these colorful messages.

a little bit of grandma in the homes + spaces of those who order them across the nation 🧡 thank you from the bottom of my heart for your orders.

and gosh darn it, in a country where it’s all too cool to not have a faith or share about it as a business owner, i’ve felt God nearer to me, and my mission at tangibles these past few days.

He makes all things possible, if we just listen.

and remembering that even though grandma said she was blessed, i am blessed. to have been her granddaughter.

you are blessed. and you have a story to share so never stop sharing it 🧡

sending love,



Also, I just found these email exchanges with Grandma (yes! she at 92 years old loved emailing with us from her tablet!) from earlier this year about these tangibles that I just had to share. Especially so you can read and hear just a little bit of how special she was 🧡

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