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how to stop feeling stuck

Good morning, friend. How are you today? It might be all this snow in central Ohio...but the other day I was feeling stuck. And hey, sometimes that just happens. But if you're feeling stuck today -- in a career, in a relationship, in a friendship, in general -- I want to help.

Try these five strategies when you feel stuck:

  1. Talk to a human. It may be about these feelings or not even close. Just taking time to focus on another human can reflect how we each have struggles, and that you are not alone.

  2. Pray, reflect, meditate. Take some silent time. Rest. Be encompassed by those things larger than yourself. This feeling will pass, this circumstance too shall pass.

  3. Accomplish something small. Even better if it gets you moving! Sweep the floors, shovel the driveway. Run the dishwasher. Know that you're not a complete failure.

  4. Let go of expectations. Now this is the hard one. How do we let go of our highest expectations of ourselves? Have you put yourself in a box? Have you structured exactly how you think your life will pan out? Having goals and objectives is a great thing. But, let's give ourselves grace when things don't go according to our plan. I'm still learning.

  5. Tell yourself some positive affirmations. Perhaps something personal or something broad. You are strong. The best is yet to come. Write these down, say them out-loud, or get a tangibles sticker kit and stick them in everyday spaces! 🧡

You've got this.

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