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how positive affirmations changed my life

We are so excited to continue our series of featured blogs this summer written by some of the amazing folks we've worked with to create custom tangibles affirmations together, for their community!

Today's blog comes from Krystal Reddick, founder of Total Life Care Coaching.

Words can speak life, hope, and love over us.

Words can help to create our realities.

Words are powerful.

As someone who lives with bipolar disorder, I’ve been both depressed and manic, down and up, empty and elated. During my depressions, negative self-talk and self-doubt ran rampant in my mind. On the other hand, when I’ve been manic, I’ve felt invincible and unstoppable as thoughts of grandiosity are a symptom.

Thankfully, with a solid self-care routine and a solid support system (which consists of my family, friends, therapist, psychiatrist, and acupuncturist) I’ve been mentally stable for six years now. Even though I haven’t had a bipolar episode in years, safeguarding my self-talk is more important than ever as the thoughts and words I feed myself fuel my moods.

As both a self-care coach and a person that lives with bipolar disorder, I certainly believe in the power of affirmations. I believe that affirmations are one type of self-talk that can shape and frame how we view ourselves and our capabilities. For instance, I wear a bangle that says “Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.” And I can! It’s much more uplifting and encouraging to cheer myself on instead of telling myself what I cannot accomplish.

Affirmations work as a lens through which we can view ourselves. And affirmations bring a focal point to the inner work we do to love on ourselves as we channel our good thoughts and energy on what we’d like to believe or to manifest.

In my self-care work, nurturing a positive mindset and positive self-talk are really important. To pour into one’s self, you have to believe that you are deserving and worthy of your own time, attention, care, and love. In my coaching, I encourage my clients to explore the messages they’ve received about self-care, whether from family or the media. To examine feelings of guilt or selfishness.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with tangibles to create kind and loving affirmations for my clients. Words to affirm, support, and encourage them on their self-care journey:

Self-care is not selfish

Self-care is non-negotiable

I put my oxygen mask on first

My needs matter

I am enough

Our words are so powerful. They have the ability to (re)direct our moods, choices, and our approach to life. When we say our affirmations, we are acting as our own cheerleaders. And who doesn’t deserve unconditional cheering on?


About Krystal

Krystal Reddick wears many hats: wife, aunt extraordinaire, educator, mental health advocate and blogger, social worker, self-care enthusiast and coach. She is the CEO & founder of Total Life Care Coaching (TLC), where she focuses her efforts on supporting teachers and social workers who need to fill their own cup. Self-care is more than just a job to her. It's also personal. After a bipolar disorder diagnosis more than 10 years ago threw Krystal for a loop, she had to rethink her self-care practices and routines. She had to become more mindful about attending to all of her needs in a holistic fashion. And thus the seed was planted to start TLC.

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