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here's the story behind our newest affirmation stickers, 'you matter'

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

A few months ago, I found myself in the right place at the right time. This time, surprisingly, it was Facebook.

A dear friend of mine shared an article about Peter Mutzabi and his inspiring story. How he never heard words of affirmation as a child, and how he didn't feel like he mattered. How he finally found someone who believed in him. How he became a foster dad. How he was called upon to help an abandoned teen, who he later adopted as his own son. How he believes so much in sharing the power of affirmations with children in need that he built his own company, Now I Am Known.

When I clicked through to the Now I Am Known website, the first words I saw were 'you matter' and 'you belong.' I had to reach out. There was such a similar mission between our companies.

I didn't expect to hear back. At least not so soon. But, sure enough, a week later we were honored to meet virtually with Peter and Davide, who works more behind the scenes for Now I Am Known.

We left that meeting bursting with excitement. Never before seen 'Now I Am Known' - themed tangibles affirmation stickers were in the works! You see, Now I Am Known currently sells plushie dogs, bandanas, and t-shirts with simple affirmations, specifically to be donated to a child who needs to hear these words. A child who has lived through some of the most traumatic experiences a human can live through, who has never felt special, or needed, or loved. A child who needs to be affirmed.

And now, we are honored to share that our new tangibles affirmation stickers, the 'you matter' kit, is included in Now I Am Known's shop, and will soon be donated to a child in need.

Together, we created Now I Am Known's main messages of affirmation on bright, fun stickers:

You are heard. You are seen. You are loved. You are a gift. You are brave. You belong. Now I am known. You are chosen. You are not alone. You are special. You are enough. You matter.

Twelve simple, yet powerful affirmations. Affirmations that children can stick anywhere to read its message when they need it most. Affirmations they can put on their mirror, phone, backpack, notebook, and so much more. Affirmations that we each can benefit from, too, which is why we've included these in our online shop as well.

You can now purchase one of these 'you matter' affirmation sticker kits for yourself or a friend, here! [a portion of proceeds will go to Now I Am Known]. Or you can also purchase a kit right from Now I Am Known's website, here. They donate to kids in foster care and hospitals within these orgs:

• Starlight Children's Foundation Hospitals

• Angels Foster Family Network Oklahoma

• Seven Homes For Kids

• Least of These Carolinas

• Congregations for Kids

• Foster Village Charlotte

• Bethany Christian Services

• Child Hope Services

• Fostering Sweet Dreams Foundation

"Every child has potential. Every child deserves love," is written all over Now I Am Known's website. At tangibles, we couldn't agree more. Together we can get these affirmations to those who really need them most.

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