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give yourself grace

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Oh boy. As I sit down to write this post, it's just as much for me as I hope it'll be for you. Haha.

Just the other day, I was messaging with a new friend, and we were talking about how easy it is to get angry at ourselves when we do something "stupid" or "silly." Maybe it's something mildly embarrassing, or maybe it actually causes some damage. Maybe it's in front of others, or maybe it's just you.

And now you're just annoyed. Frustrated. Upset. Worst of all, unmotivated to move forward.

But don't give up. You can give yourself grace. Yes, you can!

This li'l list might help you get there.*note: if this mistake did cause serious damage, you can still use this list, but may need to first think of an action plan to recovery.

  1. Say it with me - I am human !!! I make mistakes. I have been my whole life.

  2. Take a deep breath.

  3. Tell a friend. Or your partner. Or your pet. When you say it out loud you might just realize it's not worth a fuss at all :)

  4. Go for a walk.

  5. Walk away from the 'incident' or from the situation. Return when you have peace of mind.

  6. Speak this truth: "I'll never be perfect. But I do have many strengths!"

  7. Find the tangibles messages scattered around your room or on your belongings. Be encouraged about who you are and what you can do.

When we give ourselves grace, we're so much better at giving it to others. I do believe that. We are more kind, we are more patient.

May we be that way with ourselves, too. 🧡

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