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A few of my tangibles messages revolve around the theme of peace. Tranquility. Calm. Rest. Relaxation. Quiet.

And yet, I feel a bit see, 'peaceful' isn't quite the word I'd use to regularly define me. Just ask the people closest to me. My best moments tend to be when I'm going a mile a minute. And I'm pretty sure I thrive on multi-tasking. Even if studies tell me otherwise 😉

But maybe I'm defining peace in the wrong way. It's not like I don't search for peace, but I don't really see it only as rest and relaxation. And well, this is what today's tangibles talk is about. To remind YOU that the peace you seek can be defined on your own terms!

The peace I seek is about accepting myself. Being truly content in who I am. Whether I'm gearing up for a second workout, or reaching for a second beer. Whether I'm making big headway on my business, or staring at a near-empty inbox. Whether my social calendar is jam-packed, or the times in which it's quiet. When I know I've tried my very best, and when I know I've messed up.

In all of it, can I seek acceptance of who I am today? In my strengths and short-comings, within this wild life I love to live?

Truth is, I still have to remember that this peace is what I crave...and it's why I need the consistent reminder.

But what does peace look like for you? Is it when you find your center? When you feel no agitation? When you feel excited about your purpose? Is it a specific space, mental or physical? Is it seeking contentment, especially when it comes to food, movement, relationships or family?

Take a moment and think about how you define peace. And then go after it today.

Maybe a tangible message will help encourage you to seek your peace. Stick it in a triggering space or calming place...or if you're like me, somewhere where all the action is!


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