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be the sunshine

"When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine" goes the cliché. 😉Sunshine can be difficult to come by. I mean, even literally here in Columbus, Ohio, where there's a lot less of it throughout these cold winter months.

But also, sunshine -- as in the good, beautiful, simple kind of love, kindness and appreciation -- can be difficult to come by. There's anger, frustration, anxiety, depression at every corner. And then there's judgement, competition, and shaming sprinkled in social media. It's A LOT. You know.

I'm here to remind you to not let the lack of sunshine overwhelm you. Most likely, it isn't's just hiding behind the clouds. And I know you've got sunshine within you to share when it seems dark in the world. Even if it feels a little cloudy within you, today, too.

Sometimes I need that nudge, too. Not to let that darkness in, and remember we each have the power to spread love right here, right now! Perhaps that looks like:

  • Granting someone grace (yes, even that coworker of yours!)

  • Sincerely telling someone you love that you love them

  • Having, and spreading, hope

  • Forgiving someone who's hurt you

  • Thanking your cashier, barista, mail carrier for what they do

  • Stopping that one negative thought from coming out of your mouth

  • and so much more.

So take that first sip of coffee, breathe in and breathe out. Be the sunshine today. Kick off this Wednesday in the best way. You got this, friend. You are amazing.

🧡 Diana

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