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be playful

There's nothing like a little road trip to remind me of life's simple pleasures -- windows down, fresh breeze in your hair, hikes, snacks, sunsets and open roads.

But it's also a reminder of how healthy and wonderful it is to be playful. Which might be easier for us during a mini vacation. How about in everyday life? Because I think when we're more playful, we're happier, and we experience more out of life.

And so, let me finish my snack of creamy peanut butter and chocolate chips ( no joke this is what I'm eating at the moment ) ...and launch into some tangible tips to have more fun.

  1. Take time to daydream -- on a walk, by a window, on your porch in the morning while you drink coffee. It doesn't matter how old you are...what do you want to be when you grow up?

  2. Eat or drink something FUN! And really enjoy it. Bonus points if it brings on some nostalgia.

  3. Head outdoors! Play in the park with your family, run around with your dog, or just hit up the swings nearby!

  4. Laugh at yourself. Especially if you accidentally snorted, or spilled coffee, or used the absolutely wrong word in a sentence.

  5. Play something by yourself -- solitaire, a puzzle, an online name the game.

  6. Dance around the kitchen. Dance with your partner

  7. Keep an eye out for the simple wonders. Even on your morning commute.

I promise you, that after any of these, you'll feel...lighter. Happier. More joyful. You might be even more in tune with yourself. Go ahead, give it a shot. 🤪

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