how affirmations have the power to change your thought process

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

We are so excited to continue our series of featured blogs this summer written by some of the amazing folks we've worked with to create custom tangibles affirmations together, for their community!

Today's blog comes from Loukia Mastrodimos, founder of Midlife in Bold.

I had struggled for years with depression, some anxiety and a lot of negative thoughts. I battled my self-esteem and self-worth for a very long time. When I became a yoga student in 2011, that all started to change when I got on my mat. Yet, I didn’t have tools off the mat to implement in my daily life. When I was triggered by something someone said to me or my imposter syndrome would bring in a flood of negative thoughts at work, I used to spin and spin in my own thoughts and had no way out.

I first learned about using affirmations as a tool to transform my thoughts during my yoga teacher training in 2015. Up until then, I never really used them and I didn’t understand the power that a meaningful affirmation had to change my thoughts.

I began to utilize affirmations regularly to help me turn my negative thoughts around...almost as if I had a ‘pause’ button. I would then redirect my thoughts and recite an affirmation such as, “Everything is working out for me” or “I am good enough just as I am.” So, for me affirmations were no longer just static words on a page or a cute post I would share on social media. Affirmations became a tool for me to ‘pause and redirect’ my thoughts. Like any tool, it has to be meaningful to you and used regularly and consistently.

Over the last decade, I have used affirmations to redirect my thoughts, to train my mind to focus on words that uplift and encourage me, and to affirm that I am good and whole just as I am at that moment in time. Reciting affirmations have transformed the way I process my thoughts.

Now, as a business owner, I recite affirmations daily. Some of mine are, “I am here to make an impact while making an income,” “It is safe for me to be vulnerable,” and “I deserve success, prosperity, and happiness.”

My business specializes in coaching women in midlife who have a lot of fear. On the one hand, my clients logically understand that there is a lot of time left to be and do all the things they want. On the other hand, it’s scary to make changes in the middle of life and there’s a lot of fear of the unknown that can plague their thoughts and keep them stuck. So, I developed affirmations to go along with my business name, Midlife in Bold, Inc.™

I am Brave.

I am Optimistic.

I am Limitless.

I am Decisive.

Thanks to tangibles, these beautiful affirmations sticker kits are sent to every new client in my coaching program, The Midlife Without Regrets Method™ upon their enrollment.

Say the affirmations you choose out loud every day for 30 days, even multiple times a day, and watch how your mind starts to shift in the direction of the affirmation instead of the negative thought.

I would definitely encourage you to come up with one to three meaningful and powerful affirmations that you can use as a daily tool to start your day, to ‘pause and redirect’ your thoughts in the moment, or to end your day. Say the affirmations you choose out loud every day for 30 days, even multiple times a day, and watch how your mind starts to shift in the direction of the affirmation instead of the negative thought. I promise you, it’s powerful!


About Loukia

Loukia Mastrodimos is a Master Midlife Mindset Coach, CEO & Founder of Midlife in Bold, Inc., podcast host, and Creator of The Midlife Without Regrets Method ™, a transformational program specifically created for women in the middle who want to get overcome their fear, doubt, and uncertainty about what’s next and get unstuck so that they can live the life they want, not the one they’re settling for, with no regrets. BOLD stands for Brave, Optimistic, Limitless, and Decisive. The mission of Midlife in Bold, Inc. is to normalize transformation in midlife for women. Not enough women in the middle of life talk about going after their dreams and Loukia’s goal is to change that narrative. Loukia strongly believes that your midlife years is not the time to let go of your dreams, it’s the time to redefine what your midlife years can be by taking BOLD action so that you can finally live life on your terms.

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