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7 positive affirmations to boost your confidence at work

A question for you: How do you feel at work these days?

Some of us are transitioning back to a normal, or semi-normal working environment after a 16 month hiatus, where we are once again surrounded by a bustling crew of colleagues.

And for some of us, our work 'environment' isn't changing all that much. Perhaps we were working from home already, work with a remote team, or we've been going to our essential, in-person job this entire time. Or maybe some of you reading this are already retired! [apologies, but this specific post may not be for you like some of our others!]

Whatever your situation may be, it may feel overwhelming. Or when you're just about to get the hang of it, something changes again.

When it all seems to be too much, or even if you're just in a bit of a rut, here is something that will help: positive affirmations. Just as they can help you personally, simple and positive affirmations specifically for your work mindset can and do make a powerful difference.

Do positive affirmations help in a professional environment? Just as they can help you personally, simple and positive affirmations can also help boost your confidence, happiness, and productivity at the office.

Words are powerful. And the right words to affirm your strengths and the mindset you want to have? Well, it very well might make all the difference between a good day and bad day where you work. Here are some examples to get you going. Read below for 7 positive affirmations to boost your confidence at work.

1. I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

You can! You really can. This doesn't mean that you have to get it all done, today, but this is a powerful affirmation to re-center your mind when you're overwhelmed with tasks, or when a mistake is made, or just a perfect phrase to read each morning after pouring your first cup of coffee.

2. I stay true to who I am.

This is such an important affirmation for the workplace. We do our best work when we are our true selves. When we're not focused on 'fitting in' or trying to earn approval nonstop. When we root for others, not tear each other down. When it's possible, never compromise your amazing self and core beliefs for a job!

3. It's okay to take a break.

It is okay, and healthy, to take breaks. Now I know some employers are still behind the times when it comes to breaks, but even if it's just five minutes for you to be able to take some deep breaths, it all helps. This is a great affirmation and reminder we all need, every day.

4. I believe in my potential.

Whoever you are reading this, I want to say I believe in YOU! But sometimes it's harder to believe in ourselves. Especially when it's just one of those days. So here's an idea - write down this affirmation, set it as a reminder in your phone, and read it (at least) once a day. Remember that it only goes up from here!

5. It's okay to ask for help.

Oh, these are some powerful words. Let us never be too prideful to ask for help. To learn from others. To listen to our colleagues who have been around way longer than us.

6. I trust my team.

We don't need to remind you how important trust is, both in and out of the workplace. Yet all too often, in the heat of the moment, we seek to control all the outcomes instead of turning to trust. I do this, too. May we be reminded of why we're part of a team, though, by saying / seeing this affirmation every day.

7. I've got this.

Saved the best - and simplest - affirmation for last. You are strong, you are smart, and you are amazing. Heck, you were hired for this position for those reasons! You've got this. Whatever's on your plate, you can handle it one step at a time. This pairs greatly with trusting your team, and asking for help. :)

Don't you feel more confident already? I know I do. But these affirmations are just a start. Positive affirmations work best when they're the exact phrases that YOU need to hear, and you read them all the time. So here's a challenge: take a moment this morning and write down some affirming words that you want to tell yourself each day at the office.

And while you're at it -- we have to let you know! We just launched the tangibles office collection that is both affirming and useful! Pens, post-it notes, a coaster, and vinyl stickers for all your tech products -- and each have a simple, powerful affirmation.

Our goal? To help boost your confidence, happiness, motivation, and productivity in your day at the office [whatever that office looks like for you].

Be encouraged,


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