5 ways to combat seasonal depression

Ah, the cooler weather and darker days are definitely upon us.

This time might bring you peace and tranquility. It might bring you nostalgia. Or, it might just dampen your mood, and put you in a bit of a funk.

Don't worry - we're here to help! Here five simple ideas to get that positivity flowing again.

  1. Exercise. Bundle up (if needed) and get your body moving outdoors! Or, dance in the kitchen while baking cookies.

  2. Speaking of food that makes you happy! Enjoy your favorite seasonal treats. Try some new dishes in the crockpot, or takeout down the street. Health doesn't have to take a backseat, but also, as my husband likes to say, happiness is healthiness :)

  3. Let the light in. Since the days really are shorter, make sure to soak in that sunlight when you can! Sip coffee by your favorite window, open the blinds, stroll through the neighborhood.

  4. Of course, make time to reach out to good friends (and fam).

  5. Put up tangibles in your home 🧡Read and read again simple messages of encouragement to lift your spirits.

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