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5 affirmations my grandma taught me

My grandma, Nancy, is 91 years old and she is one of the smartest, strongest, fiercest women I know. She's creative. She's painted hundreds of original works of art. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Ohio State University in 1950. She worked in advertising at J. C. Penney. She's been married for 67 years. She's an avid reader. She plays the piano. She has her own iPad, sends emails, and knows how to work with Microsoft Word. She goes to church nearly every Sunday (or watches online, recently). She is the queen of pie-baking. I could go on.

Last year, she suffered a stroke. Yes, she amazingly has recovered, but it still took a huge toll on her (of course)! Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, I was unable to be around her often as she recovered, but I know that for a while she was exhausted. So exhausted, that merely talking took too much effort.

But her brain kept going. And going. And going. When she started getting her energy back, out poured all the stories!! Incredible stories of rich detail from her past. I had the honor of hearing a few around Christmastime when we got to safely visit after a long while. And this is when my grandma pointed her finger in the air, and shared 'Nancy's five philosophies.' She explained that while her energy was at its lowest point, she began to think on the things that made a good life. Five things that made life worth living.

Five wise, powerful affirmations:

  1. Have patience

  2. Practice humility

  3. Choose kindness

  4. Be thankful

  5. I am blessed

Once I heard these, I just knew they'd make a great tangibles sticker kit (I think she did too). And so, without further ado, here are these affirmations for you. They're bright and colorful, because Grandma loves color. (And, spring is coming!) 🎨

This week, Grandma will be 92. Let us be encouraged and be affirmed in our pursuit every day of these five philosophies. Let us live out her words of wisdom.

p.s. Grandma, if you're reading this, I love you! 🧡 Diana

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