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5 affirmations for living life in the moment

Hi friend. Do you struggle to live in the here and now? Are you always looking ahead? Are you trying to cram in as many productive things as possible in one day (read: cross off that to-do list) that you just end up feeling totally spent? And worse of all, perhaps you realize that you let the small moments slip by, even if they're the ones that count the most.

I hear you, and I've been there.

And while productivity and accomplishment of our goals is great, it doesn't mean we have to miss out on the small things. 🧡 Read these 5 affirmations below when you feel like you're caught in the tornado of live. And I will, too. Let's aim to live more peacefully + joyfully in the moment.

  1. I trust the flow of life.

  2. I am grateful to be alive, right now.

  3. I let negativity slip away.

  4. I am proud of where I am.

  5. I am fully present with the people I love.

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