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10 ways to encourage your friend

(Because, who couldn't use encouragement right now)?

  1. Learn their love language. Is it words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, touch? That last one will be tricky during a pandemic, but learning this will help set you off on the right track!

  2. Text them something cheer-y. Takes two seconds!

  3. Drop off a random gift in their mailbox. Something you'd find in the Target $1 section, props for something that goes along with an inside joke.

  4. Make them their own Spotify playlist. This might be obvious...but save the sad songs.

  5. Send them a succulent. Because they're funky, and they don't die easily.

  6. Make them food. Or if you're not the best cook, drop off their favorite snack!

  7. Write them a letter. Snail mail is underrated.

  8. Offer to do something for them. Mow the lawn, water their plants, pick up groceries. Even if they're home.

  9. Just be there. Perhaps today that looks like a phone call, a Zoom date, or driving by their house with the windows down and jamming out to their favorite song.

  10. Send them a tangibles kit! ...y'all knew this was coming. For about the price of your morning latte, give the gift of tangible encouraging messages that your friend can stick in the spaces they'll read them over and over. And maybe they'll begin to believe in what they say. 🧡

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