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unique + fun

party favors:

custom positive affirmation stickers

give your guests something they'll remember and cherish

are you planning a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, anniversary party, or wedding? are you looking for fun, meaningful party favors? we can help.


we create positive + powerful affirmation stickers and we invite you to create custom affirmations for your event guests. our tangibles vinyl stickers are meant to stick in everyday spaces (phones, mirrors, kitchen counters, you name it), to serve as a daily encouraging reminder.

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why will you love tangibles?


tangibles are a one-of-a-kind gift that won't get tossed or forgotten about by next month. they're great for adults AND kids!


tangibles is a gift that keeps on giving. your event guests will love these fun, bright, positive daily affirmations.


custom tangibles affirmations are reasonably priced for their great quality and our customization time!

how the customization process works

working with us is as easy as 1-2-3!

Tablet & Coffee


once we receive your inquiry, we'll be in touch with a first mock-up design to get things going. we can complete all via email or we'd always be up for a 20 min chat to learn more about you!

Polka Dot Envelopes


once you approve the sticker designs (custom color, font, graphics, and packaging elements are all possible as well!) we work fast and efficiently to get things to you in just a couple weeks.

Party Hat


you've received your custom tangibles and all looks good! this might be where we part (for now), but if you happen to have a last minute guest or additional need, just let us know.

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around what QTY of sticker kits are you thinking?

thank you! we will be in touch soon.

let's connect!

fill out this form to begin.

once we receive your inquiry, we'll be in touch with a mock-up design and begin the journey to your custom tangibles!

here's what our
customers are saying

I think it's easy to be overwhelmed with life, especially with social media, and it's nice to know there's something like tangibles to help us step back for a minute and feel positive.


—  Paul D.

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