send encouragement to a student or teacher this school year.

this school year will be tough. and you might be thinking, how can i help? perhaps you're friends with a great teacher, or there's a student in your family or friend group who just needs some extra positive vibes. send them a tangibles kit!


what's a tangibles kit?

five simple, powerful messages of encouragement, each printed on a 2.5" wide vinyl sticker that can safely stick anywhere they'll read the message most often!


we've created five messages for students, and five messages for teachers.

choose any of the color options you think your recipient will like most, add a personal note, and make sure to fill out their information as the shipping address. *note - if you don't know a teacher's address, feel free to type in their name and the school's address they teach for.


why did we choose
'you' for students
and 'i' for teachers?

so, what are you waiting for?

for the price of your morning coffee: you can help your friend smile, remember their worth, and know that they can do this!!

would you like to order bulk tangibles* for your classroom (or your child's classroom) ?
fill out this form + let's start the conversation!
*quantity ordered must be at least 25 kits

be encouraged, every day

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