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create simple, powerful, daily affirmations for your clients

we want to help strengthen your client relationships + brand awareness

our product is simple, but powerful. we create vinyl affirmation stickers that are meant for everyday spaces (phones, laptops, notebooks, kitchen cabinets, etc.) and customize the messages with your words, your mission, and your brand.

why do coaches love tangibles?


tangibles are a one-of-a-kind product that keeps your mission top of mind for both your clients, team, event attendees, and more.


custom tangibles help increase your brand loyalty and brand exposure within your client base.


custom tangibles affirmations are reasonably priced for their great quality and our customization time!

how the customization process works

once we receive your inquiry, it's a simple three steps to your finished product!

1. conversation

we'll set aside 20-30 min to talk through your first ideas / plan for custom tangibles, while getting to learn more about you + your unique brand.

2. creation

we'll get to work! our conversation will inform the powerful affirmations we come up with for your custom tangibles. custom color, font, graphics, and packaging elements are all possible as well.

3. collaboration

once your custom tangibles are created + on the way, the teamwork doesn't end. whether it's a fun campaign to announce your new stickers or inventory + fulfillment needs, we're here to help.

around what QTY of sticker kits are you thinking?

thank you! we will be in touch soon.

let's connect!

please fill out this form to get started.


we're excited to get to know you + see what we can create together!

here's what a few
coaches are saying

tangibles was such a fun way to show gratitude to both my private coaching clients

and members!


—  Simi B.

CEO @ HELD Coaching Community

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