about us

we're on a mission to encourage you every day with messages that stick.

a few years ago, a post-it note on a kitchen cabinet helped me to recollect my thoughts

...and consciously stop an almost-inevitable binge eating episode. i'd scribbled it in pen a week earlier. "you are loved."

a simple, powerful reminder of the truth. i am worthy. i am capable of love. i love me more than i want to hurt me.

and so, the idea for tangibles was formed. but tangibles are so much more than a post-it. they are consistent and sincere messages of encouragement when you need it most. stick them to surfaces you see most often and items you carry every day - in calm places and triggering spaces.


tangibles are sold in kits of 5 so that all five messages have a connected, central theme. the more you'll read these words (consciously & subconsciously), the more you'll believe them.

that's our goal.


be encouraged, every day

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