©2019 tangibles

"write them on the doorframes of your houses

and on your gates" Deuteronomy 6:9

Two years ago, a post-it note on a kitchen cabinet helped me to recollect my thoughts and consciously stop an almost-inevitable binge eating episode. I'd scribbled it in pen a week earlier. "You are loved."

A simple, powerful reminder of the truth. I am worthy. I am capable of love. I am able to be loved. I do love myself. I love myself more than I want to hurt myself. Love can be felt. Love is tangible.

And so, the idea for tangibles was formed. But it is so much more than a post-it. It is consistent and sincere messages of love when you need it most and where you see it most. Apply them in your home to items you see, feel, hear, touch every day - in calm places and triggering spaces. The more you'll read these words (consciously & subconsciously), the more you'll believe them.


Tangibles are sold in kits of 5 so that all five sayings have a connected, central theme in your home, and a meaningful message that says: "hey there, self. I love you."