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hi! i'm Diana, and i want you to never feel discouraged again.

some time ago, a post-it note message, stuck on my kitchen cabinet, hand-written just days prior, helped me to pause.

the post-it read, "you are loved." a simple, powerful affirmation of the truth.


and the second it took to read this note provided just enough time for me to recollect my thoughts. to check in with myself. and to consciously stop a binge-eating episode. 


yes, eating disorders were one of my personal battles with self-worth + self-confidencerecovery takes time, un-learning behavior takes time...but this simple tangible affirmation was a helpful turning point for me and a powerful reminder that I could begin to love myself fully again. (more on my story here.)

and then it hit me one morning around 4:30am a year later. I've always wanted to be in business to help others, and this is my how. through tangible affirmations in everyday spaces.


no matter where you are, when there isn't someone there to tell you, when you find yourself in the middle of your own battle, or when you just feel defeated - you can look down and feel hope from a simple, powerful, positive affirmation.


or when you're not even consciously looking for it, and you feel on top of the world, and everything is moving in the right direction, you can find encouragement and affirmation in who you are this very moment, and who you are becoming.

we're on a mission to encourage you every day with messages that stick. 

our mission for tangibles is to encourage you every day with messages that stick. and to help

you encourage someone you love.

we're excited about our creative + unique twist on stickers, self-love, and repetitive positive messaging for improved mental health.

join us on this journey. do you know someone who would love some daily affirmations?


ps we'd love to work with you to create custom affirmations, too!

our favorite collaborations are with coaches, community-driven companies, inspirational events, fitness + wellness businesses, recovery groups, and youth-empowerment work.

does that sound like you?

send us a note.

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