our story

hi, i'm Diana

some time ago, a post-it note message, stuck on my kitchen cabinet, hand-written just days prior, helped me

to pause.


to recollect my thoughts. and to consciously stop a binge-eating episode.

the post-it read, "you are loved." a simple, powerful reminder of the truth. a pause long enough to check in with myself.


do i really want to binge on whatever's in the fridge right now? no, not really. do i even remember how to love me? no, not really.

perhaps you've been here. and maybe it isn't even close to an eating disorder, but something else. another battle. we each have our own battles, and we each need encouragement in different ways.


recovery takes time, un-learning behavior takes time. but the tangible encouragement was a helpful turning point for me, a start, a simple, powerful reminder that i could begin to love myself again.

we're on a mission to encourage you every day with messages that stick.

and then it hit me one morning around 4:30am a year later. if a tangible message of love and encouragement - that i could see every day - helped me, could it help others?


our hope, our goal, my mission with tangibles is just that. to encourage you every day with messages that stick in the words you need to hear right now.

take a pause. help others pause amidst the distractions. do you know someone who needs encouragement? send them tangibles.


be encouraged, every day


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