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positive affirimations for your workspace, home, office, life

a boost of encouragement when you need it most 

positive affirmation products for your everyday life spaces 

do you struggle to shut down the negative thoughts?
are you - or is someone you know - going through a tough trial?
do you know a friend who needs some positive vibes?
do you want to empower others to fight for what's right?

welcome, friend.
tangibles is a positive affirmations shop creating products with simple, powerful encouraging words you'll read every day.

summer affirmations: sunshine, rainbows & being yourself

positive affirmation

positive affirmation
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we're always working on new products!

do positive affirmations work?

at tangibles, we give a resounding 'yes!' especially as our daily affirmations products are meant to be part of your everyday life. according to the mere exposure effect, we are more likely to adopt messages we are repeatedly exposed to. so let's make those messages positive!

what our customers
are saying

I think it's easy to be overwhelmed with life, especially with social media, and it's nice to know there's something like tangibles to help us step back for a minute and feel positive.


—  Paul D.

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